IMCI Alliance Introduction To New Members

Join our winning TEAM as a cooperation partner, associate partner, business associate, or business introducer.

IMCI+ Alliance, is seeking for cooperating with successful and experienced top (self-employed) BUSINESS EXPERTS aiming to increase their services and client value in particularly for PROJECT / CORPORATE FINANCING and CONSULTING / MERGER AND ACQUISITIONS.

You are looking for a strong and reliable partner, who is able to complement your core business, and add value to your reputation and activities. You further want to belong to a strong team of experts, creating synergies and leveraging your own market position.

You are more than welcome to join our successful team if you cover the following criteria (Individuals):

  • Able to introduce and serve company clients through our services)
  • Excellent Business Reputation (You should present three case references)
  • Excellent Business Network
  • Good academic and advisory background
  • Excellent understanding and practice in one of our strategic fields
  • English Fluently
  • Self-Sufficient (Sound financial situation) and Self-Employed, with own consultancy
  • Ambitious and Success focused
  • Respect our Code of Conduct and standard money laundry rules
  • At least 10 years of professional experience and 3 years as self-employed professional

We are also looking to cooperate with INVESTMENT facilitators are mainly cooperation colleagues (CPA’s, auditors, lawyers, corporate finance experts, agents), having access to potential investors, family offices, PE / VC’s , and commercial banks, searching for

  • Investment opportunities
  • Investment vehicles
  • Investment services
  • Project Financing

Benefits of being a member of the IMCI+ Alliance as an affiliate or associate member

  • Umbrella of an international advisory and network organization
  • Professional, experienced, serious and reliable framework
  • Added value to your core business
  • Opportunity to be involved in Pre- Due Diligence, Diligence audits, further also in restructuring and advisory mandates
  • Opportunity to act as Director of our clients
  • Opportunity to participate at the exit value of our participation
  • Opportunity for creating synergies
  • Benefits for expanding your business network, exchanging best practices among top professionals
  • If your profile is appropriate, you can apply for becoming a Partner or Principal Partner, with attractive remuneration schemes and development potential.
  • Attractive commissions as lead, engagement manager and execution party
  • Be fully visible on the Alliance Website and in consequence be promoted by our SEO marketing
  • Obtain the IMCI+ Alliance logo for identification
  • Participation in webinars
  • Participation in Team meetings
  • Participation in Global Conferences and Physical encounters
  • Access to library with check-lists

APCP Team (Associate Partner Candidate Pool Team) If you wish to join and apply as fua ll member, you can benefit offromhe following additional benefits

  • IMCI+ Email Account
  • IMCI+ Email Signature
  • IMCI+ Business Cards
  • IMCI+ Priority Visibility
  • Direct Mentoring by one key leader of the organization
  • Monthly internal meetings and coaching sessions
  • Priority in aspects of involvement in projects
  • Priority for dia rector position at client site
  • Priority in aspects of commission.

For this role, you must apply and be accepted by the Sr Mgt Team, after a one-to-one meeting.

Registration Fee (01.04.2023)

  • 250 Euros (one lump sum) Upon full acceptance of your application and registration. As cost contribution.
  • APCP members are paying additional 250 Euros for the extras.

Acceptance Premises

  • You must initiate successfully your registration by filling up the file below. Further forward us the Application File, along your CV, copy of your ID/Passport and a motivation letter.
  • Upon initial acceptance, you will receive an automatic reply, inviting you to start the registration. This will request ca. 30-40 minutes of your time.
  • Be aware that your registration is supervised by our administration, and this requests effort and time resources from the team.

You are expected to finalize the registration and application within 4 weeks. You are invited to contact us at if you have any questions, hesitations, or doubts. Our team is more than happy to support you. Further only fully registered applications will be considered finalized and the profile visible on the website. Key elements are listing of competencies, experience, number of deals/mandates and deal values.

You will receive two reminders in the process to finalize the application and registration.

If for some reason, you are not closing the process within 4 weeks, we will terminate your file and proceed according to our GDPR policies. This means all information will be destroyed.

Any future request to open and supervise your application will be charged 500 Euros to be paid in advance.

If you seek strategic cooperation (as a company), contact us through



Specialized in (multiple choice):
Merger & Acquisitions
Project Finance
Consulting Services
Interim Management
Investment Services
Legal Services
Tax Services
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