About Us

About us

The IMCI+ Alliance has developed its structure out of the foundation of the IMCI+ Group, with origins back to 1998, as the founder and global CEO, Mr. Modesto N Peña y Gorrin, started his career as interim manager and strategic advisor. In 2004 he founded the company in Switzerland as IMC Peña, (Integrated Management Consultancy) as a single proprietorship firm. In 2010 he established IMC initially as a network organization of premium-level professionals, with 16 associates in 10 countries and five business lines. 

In 2016 the deployed its organization to London, developing its vision 2025 around rebranding and shifting the network into a hybrid corporate business. Within this vision, we established the Corporate HQ’s in Switzerland on 17.02.2021. As per 01.09.2021 IMCI+ Group is organized and structured as following

  • IMCI+ Group International GmbH – Corporate HQ’s
  • IMCI+ Alliance (IMCI+ World Advisors Alliance)
  • IMCI+ Capital (Investment Services and Project Finance Services)
  • IMCI+ Advisory (Consultancy & M&A Services)

In March 2022 and considering the overall development of our organization, we have decided to transfer the London-based legal structures to Zurich and consolidate our presence in Switzerland. 

With the large experience in managing a network of independent professionals, we have been continuously improving and adjusting our structure. Also doing best in class benchmarks. We strongly believe that our Alliance must operate with minimum corporate guidance, however with the necessary operational framework and guidelines, to guarantee the quality of our work and that our values, principles, and code of conduct are respected. 

Finally, make sure that the qualification deliveries of our members are creating the expected value to the clients.

The IMCI+ Alliance welcomes and embraces diversity and does follow universal values, independently of religion, culture, and social standing.  

The value of the IMCI+ Alliance for its members is grounded in the reputation of the IMCI+ brand, the international visibility, marketing benefits, business opportunities, expertise exchange. Further in the exclusivity. Not because of paying a membership or a license, but because of the quality of its members. 

Contrary to a simple “network” platform, the IMCI+ Alliance is actively led and monitored by the Sr Management Team and Head of the different divisions. Further, its leadership is extended by a representative committee of members.

IMCI+ Group International Gmbh /Ltd is a member of the Swiss SECA (Swiss Association for Corporate Finance and Private Equity). 

The IMCI+ Alliance is positioned as a premium advisory expert network in M&A / Corporate Finance and Consulting (Restructuring and Expansion) and aims to be among the top Global 50 Advisory / Financial Services Group. 

IMCI+ Alliance is making all efforts to be selective with the new potential consultant colleagues and incorporate new members with a rigorous selection process. Our Alliance is open for top-level professionals, companies, and individuals with a track record in the market and area of expertise.

Our concept is to incorporate at the IMCI+ Alliance professionals and companies from the following areas:

  1. Strategic Business Advisors
  2. Financial Services Advisors
  3. Project and Interim Managers
  4. HE Managers / Professionals
  5. IT/Engineers 
  6. Lawyers / Attorneys / Legal Practitioners
  7. CPA’s, Auditors
  8. EPC Companies
  9. Technology / Industrial players

Sr Management

Chief Executive Officer
Swiss/ Spanish Citizen
Executive Managing Partner
Spanish Citizen
Executive Managing Partner
Portuguese Citizen


Attorney (Member of the IMCI+ Group Board of Directors)


Sr Executive Advisor
Structure Finance – IMCI+ Capital
Sr Executive Advisor
Structure Finance – IMCI+ Capital
Sr Executive Advisor
Financial Service Account Director (Global)
Strategic Cooperation Partner - USGBF
Sr Executive Advisor
Financial Services
Sr Executive Advisor
Sr Executive Advisor
Sr Executive Advisor
Sr Executive Advisor / Principal Turkic States
Sr Executive Advisor
Strategic Partner – USGBF

Non Executive Directors

Non-Executive Director
Principal Turkic States
Non-Executive Director
Principal Director/ SVP
Non-Executive Director – level
Financial Service Director – Europe

Business Analysts

Business Analyst
Business Analyst

IMCI+ Morocco (Africa)

I52, Avenue Patrice Lumumba nr. 4
Hassan - Rabat. Morocco


Associate Partners / Full Members

+ Andrea Pisoni
Partner – Team Europe – Financial Service Account Director EUROPE

+ Detlef Max Hoffmann
Partner – Team EUROPE

+ Franco Chirco
Partner – Team EUROPE

+ Igwe Osaroigwe
Partner – Team AFRICA

+ Joan Hereter
Partner – Expert Financial Modeling, Business Analyst

+ Katia Cicala Constanta
Legal Officer – Director IMCI+ Group

+ Modesto N Peña y Gorrin
Head IMCI+ Capital / Alliance, Chairman/ CEO IMCI+ Group, Founder

+ Pablo A. Jarabo
Executive Director IMCI+ Group, Head IMCI+ Advisory, Sr Managing Partner IMCI+ Alliance, and IMCI+ Spain, Financial Services Account Director Spanish Speaking Countries

+ Pedro Gard Brito
Executive Director IMCI+ Group, Sr Managing Partner IMCI+ Alliance, and IMCI+ Portugal, Financial Services Account Director Portuguese Speaking Countries and APAC, Project Finance Director at IMCI+ Capital
Partner – Team Europe


+ Cyrille Ongoto

+ Dr. Carmen M. Castro

+ Edna Beets-Francis
South Africa

+ Ezekiel Yuaya

+ Ferhat Bitis

+ Ismail Bitar

+ Jose Antonio Martinez Garcia

+ Luis Amaro

+ Milad Habib

+ Mudafar Shubbar
Czech Republic

+ Piyush Patel

+ Prof Walter Jones
South Africa

+ Yasin Bitar