The IMCI+ Alliance Committee serves as an independent body dedicated to advocating for the interests of IMCI+ Alliance Members. Our primary objective is to cultivate innovative ideas aimed at enhancing the quality, efficiency, productivity, and overall value proposition of the IMCI+ Alliance for our esteemed members. Moreover, the Committee functions as strategic partners to the Senior Management team of IMCI+ Group Intl.

At the helm of the Committee are the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, elected to lead for a two-year term. Their leadership ensures the effective governance and direction of our initiatives, fostering an environment conducive to collaboration, growth, and success for all stakeholders involved.

Committee 2024-2025

Chair:  Prof. Dr. Walter Matitta Jones from South Africa, Chairman and Dott Franco Chirco, Co-Chairman.


+       Anne Lisa Padilha, Brazil

+       Ashraf Nooman, Maldives

+       Ezequiel Yuaya, Kenya

+       Hector Diaz, Colombia

+       Jose Antonio Martinez, USA – México

+       Koushik Roudra, India

+       Mudafar Shubhar, Czech Republic

+    Yasin Bitar, UAE