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Carlos Falsiroli
Merger & Acquisitions, Project Finance, Consulting Services
PROFESSION: C-Level Executive
CITY // Houston | COUNTRY // United States
Experienced senior level executive with over fifteen years of experience. Generates multimillion-dollar operational savings and mitigates risk by leveraging technical subject matter expertise and hands-on sales strategies. Achieves aggressive performance quotas by utilizing decisive, instinctual leadership, instilling vision while overseeing technical teams. Delivers successful outcomes during times of uncertainty within the most competitive heavy industrial environments. Maximizes production/productivity by cultivating continuous improvements. Serves as a trusted advisor and confidante to executives, organizational partners, management teams and staff. Inspires the identification of hidden opportunities and the development of innovative solutions by collaborating with key stakeholders. Transforms underperforming individuals and teams by instilling a workplace culture of innovation, problem solving and creativity. Competencies include: - Operational Efficiency - Profitability Acceleration - Customer Service Excellence - Continual Process Improvement - Marketing Research & Analysis - Project Management & Implementation - Strategic Partnerships & Alliances - Communication of Vision, Mission & Focus

Sector of Activity:
    Energy Oil/Gas, EPC, Infrastructure, Chemical Industries, Real Estate
Business Advisory Consulting Experience:
    Airlines - Low Experience (hidden years)
    Banking-Finance - High Experience (hidden years)
    Biotech - Some Experience (hidden years)
    Construction - High Experience (hidden years)
    Energy - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    FMCG & Retail - Low Experience (hidden years)
    Government - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Healthcare - Low Experience (hidden years)
    Hospitality - Low Experience (hidden years)
    Industrial - High Experience (hidden years)
    Infrastructure - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Life sciences - Low Experience (hidden years)
    Real Estate - Some Experience (hidden years)
    Renewal Energy - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Technology - High Experience (hidden years)
    Telecom - Low Experience (hidden years)
Project Director:
    Banking-Finance, Education, Energy Oil/Gas, FMCG & Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, Pharma
    High Expertise (20 years)
    I was in many C-suites positions managing complexes projects for the Energy industry. As Managing Director for Aerzen in Brazil, I assumed a company with a negative Equity of USD 1.5M making a complete turnaround to a positive one within 05 years. This was done through a complex work of managing people, strategy, finance, sales and operations defining a new company from scratch. My recent position in the Netherlands I was a global Value Stream Director, being responsible for downstream projects (Hydrogen Systems) for refineries. I had 40 people directly responding to me and 1,000 indirectly. I was envolved and leading projects since the FEED phase up to conclusion. I also worked from an Investment Bank in New York originating deals in Americas and western Europe. I have raised USD 1Bn in business during this period of time.
Industrial Experience:
    Airlines - Mid Experience
    Automotive - Mid Experience
    Banking-Finance - High Experience (10 years)
    Working as origination director for Investment Baking in NY
    Biotech - Mid Experience
    Construction - Mid Experience
    Energy - High Experience (20 years)
    I've been developing lasrge projects for the energy sector (fossil fuels and renewable)
    FMCG & Retail - Mid Experience
    Government - High Experience (15 years)
    Many project were developd in conjunction to the Brazilian government. One of ur business finders is a member of the Brazilian lower house.
    Healthcare - Mid Experience
    Hospitality - Mid Experience
    Industrial - High Experience (20 years)
    I have been working for many years as CEO of multinational companies in this area.
    Infrastructure - High Experience
    Life sciences - Mid Experience
    Logistics - Mid Experience
    Luxury goods - Mid Experience
    Medical Devices - Mid Experience
    Pharma - Mid Experience
    Real Estate - Mid Experience
    Renewal Energy - High Experience (10 years)
    I developed some photovoltaic projects in Northeast of Brazil. Since year 2012, my Company was associated with an Italian EPC in developing renewable energy projects..
    Technology - Mid Experience
    Telecom - Mid Experience
    Tourism - Mid Experience


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