For Professionals

The value of the IMCI+ Alliance for its members is grounded in the reputation of the IMCI+ brand, the international visibility, marketing benefits, business opportunities, expertise exchange. Further in the exclusivity. Not because of paying a membership or a license, but because of the quality of its members. Contrary to a simple “network” platform, the IMCI+ Alliance is led and monitored by the Sr Management Team. Further, its leadership is extended by a committee of Members.

The last survey of 2021 shows a large satisfaction level of its members:

+    How do you value being a member of the IMCI+
70% have declared as very positive, 25% as positive and 5% as neutral

+    Level of engagement
57.50% state their engagement as very high, 22.50%  as high, 17.50% as not so high and 2.50% as low

+    Status of IMCI+
A.  62.50% are acting as Associate Partners
B.  30% as Business Associate
C.  7.50% as Strategic Cooperation

+    What is the level of Satisfaction
A.  45.50% vote for very positive
B.  40.00% as positive
C.  12.50% neutral
D.  2.50% non satisfied

Professionals can choose between three main segments:

  • Affiliate Member 
  • Associate Member and 
  • Full Member

Whereby the entrance status is either Affiliate Member (Business Introducer) or Associate Member (Business Associate.  The Full Member (Associate Partner / Principal Associate Partner) status is a merited one and only granted at least after one year of membership and qualitative and quantitative performance. 

The ultimate level is the one as Rep Office Managing Directors/Principal, legally linked to the IMCI+ Group International GmbH/LLC.

In 2022 IMCI+ Group has started to open direct Rep Offices in key strategic countries and regions. In this regard, we are searching top professionals wishing to grow in representative roles. 

Application for becoming a member of the IMCI+ Alliance

Upon interest, you are invited to register on this site.

The information requested is very important and relevant for our cooperation. It helps as well to insert you in our overall matrix and be ready to assign/engage you according to your experience and profile.

It is important for us that by applying for becoming a member of the IMCI+ Alliance, you are expected to be actively involved and create value for the organization and its members. Finally, also feel “at home”.

It is our aim to give space to the best talents and experienced professionals. We believe in our value and the value our organization creates for its members. 

We are expecting that the IMCI+ Alliance members are reputed and high-level qualified professionals, and fully engaged to contribute to the success of our structure. As you will remark, for the application process to end successfully, we expect that you submit three cases/mandates realized in your business. Further, we would like to invite you to edit a qualified article in your professional area.

IMCI+ is further expecting that members are active and visible by participating in the meetings, creating synergies among members, referring leads and business. It is further expected that members are registered at our Linkedin company groups. IMCI+ has the right and duty to keep a population at IMCI+ of active and committed members only. This means inactive people will be invited to leave. 


The Business Associate / Associate Member is effectively utilizing the IMCI+ organization and services provisions, but mainly the financial sources to develop and expand their business activities, maximizing the value of their services to their clients. The AM operates independently of IMCI+ in developing and managing their marketing, opportunities, and projects with or without the involvement of other IMCI+ stakeholders.

Side considerations:

  • From an IMCI+ perspective, Associate Members are considered as intermediaries and provide IMCI+ with feasible project leads. Becoming qualified origination managers.
  • Regarding the Project Financing: A key expectation on the role is the PRE-Qualification of the deal (Project Finance), assembling maximum documentation, and then transferring the file to the Financial Services.
  • IMCI+ Business Associates / Associate Members may be considered at IMCI+ for being actively involved in consulting, project, and interim management roles in which IMCI+ has leadership and project ownership role.
  • It is also very common that the IMCI+ members request help and support from the organization and its members. At this point, the related Head will discuss with the IMCI+ member the procedures and best way ahead.
  • It is expected that IMCI+ Business Associates / Associate Members are respecting our code of conduct and operate with the highest professional standards in our industry.
  • IMCI+ will assess the value of the cooperation twice a year. IMCI+ has the right to cancel and close the cooperation with inactive or passive members. 

The profile requested as Business Associate – You should cover the following 

  • Able and willing to introduce and serve company clients through our service lines
  • Interested in growing with IMCI+ and being part of the vision 2025
  • Excellent business reputation, eventually with a big four background or with the experience of a top 10 large consultancy
  • Excellent business network (clients, brokers, business introducers)
  • Experience in C-level management position
  • Individual Fighter, however, with the readiness to work as a team member
  • Good academic and advisory background
  • Financially soundness 
  • Fluently in English
  • Self-Sufficient and Self-Employed, with own consultancy firm
  • Ambitious and success-focused
  • Interest in a long-term entrepreneurial perspective, driven by the absolute aim to excel in results and performance
  • In the market for a minimum of 5 years as self-employed 
  • Minimum three references
  • Experience with CRM devices
  • Reliable, disciplined, persistent, and integral
  • Methodological approach 
  • Guru Expertise (in one of the following sectors, Financial and Capital Services, M&A, Restructuring, Due Diligence, Strategic Management Consultancy, Business Advisory, Auditing, Interim Management, Project Management, Marketing, Human Resources)


As a business introducer, you are linked personally to a supervisor, lead referrer, or directly to IMCI+ Sr Management.

The qualification as a business introducer is like that for a Business Associate. In most cases, however, the Business Introducer does not want to be involved in our business or act actively within IMCI+. But just refer to a deal or a business.

The most important subject and differentiation are, however, that the Business introducer does not introduce IMCI+ as a company, nor does deliver any market information to the client. He introduces a third-party IMCI+ Member.

Also, the Business Introducer must register and sign an NCNDA and join us for a minimum at the kick-off meeting. The Business introducer will also receive all information of IMCI+ and be invited to our meetings.

If you apply as Business Introducer, explain please the reason.


IMCI+ does welcome strategic cooperations with mid-sized or large entities with an industrial, technological and EPC background. The scope is to create synergies and leverage the market position. Further also relevant financial and professional services providers.

If interested in partnership discussions, contact us at and send us your corporate profile and key facts and figures.