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Ezekiel Yuaya
Merger & Acquisitions, Project Finance, Consulting Services, Investment Services
PROFESSION: Investment Specialist
CITY // Nairobi | COUNTRY // Kenya
Career: Ezekiel is a career banker who has been in the profession for 21 years. He started his banking career at Fina bank, under a program led by Shore bank International (an affiliate of International Finance Corporation) as a Relationship Manager. He has since held senior leadership roles at National Bank as Head Medium Enterprises and Stanbic Bank as Head Commercial Banking and Regional Manager Agriculture and Consumer business. Ezekiel has drawn his experience from the interactions he has had with business communities from both SMEs to Local Corporates, providing financing support in terms of structuring, working capital solutions, greenfield developments, and expansion financing. His experience has been drawn from sectors such as Technology and Telecommunications, Transport and Logistics, Pharmaceutical Industry, Wholesalers and Distributorship, Industrial & Manufacturing, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Commodity finance and Project finance. Therefore, he has a broad understanding of business, and can leverage on this experience to provide the desired business, transactional and financial advisory services to customers enabling business growth and success. Ezekiel also serves in boards of; Wejinc Limited (PPE & Safety) as non-Executive; co-founder Pop Networks Africa Ltd (Technology Company); Director Sobetra Malawi Ltd (EPC Company); Executive Committee Vijana Wajiweza SACCO, Helmet “Lazima”, a CBO (Community Based Organization) and Y-Capital Financial Advisory Ltd, a private investment company focusing on transaction structuring, capital raising and provision of business advisory services. Education Background: Graduate from University of Nairobi with honors in BA Economics. The course provided the platform and the foundation understanding of the economic environment, enabling Ezekiel to apply and directly impact and influence businesses and communities. This has been achieved by; Right interpretation, data analysis, understanding the laws of supply and demand, and application of micro and macro economics principles in decision making. Graduate from Henley Business School, Advance Diploma course on Management practice. The ADMP management course provides an introduction into the principles that help managers get better results through their teams.

Sector of Activity:
    Automotive, Banking-Finance, Construction, Education, Energy Oil/Gas, EPC, FMCG & Retail, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Insurance, Logistics, Medical Devices, Pharma, Public Private Partnerships, Renewal Energy, Technology, Telecom, Agriculture, NGO, Transport, Real Estate
Business Advisory Consulting Experience:
    Airlines - High Experience (5 years)
    Automotive - Some Experience (7 years)
    Banking-Finance - Very High Experience (21 years)
    Construction - Very High Experience (14 years)
    Energy - Some Experience (3 years)
    FMCG & Retail - Very High Experience (21 years)
    Government - Very High Experience (14 years)
    Healthcare - Very High Experience (14 years)
    Hospitality - Very High Experience (21 years)
    Industrial - Very High Experience (18 years)
    Infrastructure - Very High Experience (18 years)
    Logistics - Very High Experience (21 years)
    Luxury goods - Low Experience (2 years)
    Medical Devices - Very High Experience (14 years)
    Pharma - Very High Experience (18 years)
    Real Estate - Very High Experience (18 years)
    Renewal Energy - Some Experience (3 years)
    Technology - Very High Experience (18 years)
    Telecom - High Experience (5 years)
    Tourism - Some Experience (5 years)
    Others - Some Experience (18 years)
Project Director:
    Banking-Finance, Education, EPC, FMCG & Retail, Fashion, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Luxury Goods, Medical Devices, Renewal Energy
    Good Expertise (5 years)
    Responsible for the successful conclusion of project by providing leadership, strategically managing risk, monitoring finances and making sure that each phase of the project starts and ends on schedule. As a Project director, I work within the project’s scope of work (SOW) or Program of work (POW). In my experience, every financing deal represents a project. And for every deal, I work with a deal team that will oversee the project management to its fullness. Project director oversee more than one project and often responsible for overseeing multiple projects. Key oversight includes managing shared resources and finances to make sure each project is progressing on time and within budget, provide regular updates to facilitate quick adjustments such as staffing or finance to align with the broader outcome goals, critical decision-making, and responsible for keeping the internal and external stakeholders updated on progress and any deviations from the plans as well as project risk. Project directors develop and test various tactics that can help the projects they manage, from training to delivery mechanisms and public and private sector engagement. It’s part of the job to be innovative and integrate those solutions for better project outcomes.
Industrial Experience:
    Airlines - High Experience (5 years)
    Aggregate of USD 25 Million in debt instruments placed across different operators in Kenya. I have financed 2 passenger aircraft and 2 Bell Helicopters to LCCs operating at Wilson airport. I therefore have an understanding of aircraft financing structures, operator requirements and regulatory requirements.
    Automotive - High Experience (18 years)
    Transport is an integral part of the economy and plays a key role in ensuring trade. In this sector I have worked with both small and large transport companies, financing haulage companies, passenger bus companies, and logistics companies seeking to provide last mile solutions to manufacturers. The transport sector is a main artery for the East African economy, and thus, I have drawn many years of experience as result of working with players in the sector.
    Banking-Finance - High Experience (21 years)
    I am a career banker, having worked in the commercial banking space for 21 years underwriting transactions, originating deals and papers, defending credit papers and leading teams. I started my career as relationship officer at Fina bank, underwriting credit transactions for SMEs, later with Standard Chartered, Consolidated Bank, NIC Bank, Consolidated, National Bank and Stanbic Bank, engaging clients in business development initiatives and enabling business growth.
    Construction - High Experience (18 years)
    The construction sector is a key economic stimulator and forms an integral part for a growing economy. The East African region has experienced a real estate and infrastructure boom, being driven by the need for the economies to develop and provide a space that is attractive for investors and equally for the global access to goods and services. Thus for this reasons, there has been an influx of civil and road construction companies as a result of increased demand.
    Energy - Mid Experience (5 years)
    Solar energy solutions and financing, particularly the floriculture industry which covers an estimated 45,000 hectares of land under green house, are some of the big consumers of power and generation of CO2, but equally have the potential to supply power from their collective infrastructre. I have been working closely with farmers to solve for self-sufficient power solutions that are sustainable. This has equally enabled some of the farms to realize additional revenue from the energy generated.
    FMCG & Retail - High Experience (21 years)
    Kenya is generally a consumption market and requires goods. working with FMCGs, I have been able to avail working capital solutions that has enabled ease in sourcing of goods. I also work with a Private Equity fund to promote Structured commodity trade for clients that are not able to raise sufficient security to secure lending from banks or microfinance. Through the PE, backed by guarantees, I can extend working capital on a profit share scheme.
    Government - High Experience (18 years)
    My experience is drawn from interactions I have had with government and government departments in facilitation of programs and in stakeholder engagements that have resulted to framework policies. This requires sensitization, lobbying and engagements at high level to have the right structure in place Therefore, I am able to engage and negotiate with government, and structure solutions that address public and social needs that the government often wants to achieve.
    Healthcare - High Experience (18 years)
    Equipment finance, expansion and working capital. Working closely with programs such as GE (General Electric), I have been able to extend solutions to hospitals and facilitate private practice set up in terms of equipment finance, to shore up capacity. Healthcare remains a critical SDG for the region and remains an attractive field. There is insufficient access to quality health services and thus this continues to provide opportunities for investors keen in serving this space.
    Hospitality - High Experience (7 years)
    Franchise financing and set up. Provided the initial working capital injection leveraging on the brand value to extend working capital to a new set up. Understanding and addressing the changing and dynamic market environment, that requires the client and the lender to evolve as the consumer needs change. Working with the company to deliver on its goal and turn to profitability.
    Industrial - High Experience (18 years)
    Manufacturing is one of the main economic driver pillar for Kenya and East Africa at large. I have worked with both exiting and expanding manufacturing companies, to greenfield set up that are either downstream or upstream. Some of the manufacturing sub sectors I have supported include; Steel manufacturing, Edible oil, Cement manufacturing, Tea factories, Flour Milling plants, Milk processing plants, Packaging and consumables.
    Infrastructure - High Experience (10 years)
    Working with Chinese companies, I have facilitated structured contract finance solutions, backed by credit insurance solutions that enabled financing of Chinese startup construction companies. This led to construction of mega projects such as Thika Road Dual Highway, Standard Guage Railway and Makupa cross way in Mombasa
    Logistics - High Experience (21 years)
    Contract led expansion programs, being led by a manufacturing company logistical need. Working under such programs I have provided solutions to hauling companies working for companies such as Diageo. To solve for their last mile supply chain needs.
    Medical Devices - Mid Experience (7 years)
    Financing medical equipment, working with GE to deliver medical equipments for the govt hospitals under PPP.
    Pharma - High Experience (18 years)
    Equipment purchase for manufactures and stock finance for large distributors. Working closely with established institutions that have a well-defined distribution network and route to market. And by understanding the clients entire value chain, I have been able to structure trade solutions that enable smooth delivery of goods
    Real Estate - High Experience (18 years)
    Greenfield apartments, shopping malls, low cost housing program.
    Renewal Energy - Mid Experience (5 years)
    Solar solutions for flower farms
    Technology - Mid Experience (15 years)
    working capital and equipment for technology service providers and dealers
    Telecom - High Experience (15 years)
    Direct financing, providing lines to enable expansion of their network. worked closely with Safaricom service providers to deliver their network and keep the network active.
    Tourism - Mid Experience (7 years)
    Hotel industry and airlines serving the value chain.


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