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Kaosar Ahmed
Project Finance, Consulting Services, Investment Services
PROFESSION: International Business Advisor
CITY // Dhaka | COUNTRY // Bangladesh
OUR CORE CONSULTATION ACTIVITIES (not limited to): ACTIVITIES: 01- IT & TECHNOLOGY • Open Source Intelligence or OSINT • Various paid and open-source tools for data science; • Cyber security (red team) & Grey-hat hacking; • Software and Web Design/Development/Apps; • Hardware (Infrastructure, IoT, Microcontroller, PLC) • Defense & Technical R&D including Robotics & AI; • Data sourcing & mining (with tools various tools); • Simulation, game design/development AR/VR, drone etc; • Statistical Inferences for Descriptive & Predictive Analysis; • CRM Automation, Growth Hacking, Lead Generation; • Marketing data extraction, analysis & inferences; • Ecommerce & Google Business Tools; ACTIVITIES: 02- FINANCE & BANKING • Banking Instrument (BG, SBLC, LC, Third Party LC, Blocked Fund etc); • Foreign investment sourcing & management; • Monetization (mostly financial instruments and assets with SKR); • Financial Instruments (MNT, Euroclear Instruments, Euro Bond, Historic Assets etc); • Trade Desk/Platform (Bullet Program, PPP etc); • On-ledger (KYC) Transaction (MT103, SEPA etc); • Off-ledger Transaction for any server-to-server or digital fund (IPIP, DTC, GPI, L-2-L etc); • Legalization and any other specialized services; • Trade Finance (UPAS Refinancing, Discounting); • Payment Settlement (national/international); ACTIVITIES: 03- INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (connected to more or less 60 countries) • Commercial/Business set up, in Bangladesh, Singapore, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Dubai, UK & others (Company set-up, Tax, Market Penetrating, Growth Hacking, Lead Generation etc); • Commodities sourcing such as: Agro/food product, Petroleum products, Gold (legal), Diamond (legal), Aluminum (A7), Copper, Iron, Zinc, Heavy machineries, Garments Accessories and many more; • Commercial/Business Lobbying (mostly in European markets); ACTIVITIES: 04- CONSTRUCTION SUPPLY CHAIN (Only in Bangladesh) • Supply/import stone from any chosen destination including zero points and abroad (UAE, India etc); • Dredger of any size; • Land and real-estate developer; • Government project lobbying (from some specific ministries or departments); Apart from the above, we are also ready to provide other SPECIALIZED services as per the client's demand, which is subjected to negotiation. ------ We would like to collaborate with you on all fronts. Regards Engr. Kaosar Ahmed CEO & Founder WHITELION & Associates Dhaka, Bangladesh +8801738703571

Sector of Activity:
    Airlines, Automotive, Banking-Finance, Construction, Education, Energy Oil/Gas, EPC, FMCG & Retail, Fashion, Government, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Logistics, Public Private Partnerships, Renewal Energy, Technology, NGO, Real Estate
Business Advisory Consulting Experience:
Project Director:

    High Expertise (10 years)
Industrial Experience:


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