For Companies

Companies seeking real added value, proven experience, and a client mindset in the delivery, will find in the IMCI+ Alliance members the right partners. 

Our approach

For each division of the IMCI+ structure, you will always receive the best attention and service possible. Projects under the IMCI+ Umbrella are ruled by a strict quality protocol, developed over the years. 

Under an assigned project director, you will be supported by professionals fully dedicated to succeeding in their mission. 

Our terms

The terms and conditions for engaging in the process will be set up in full transparency with the client. We will consider the particular regional conditions and the international standards of our industry. 

Depending on the subject, our engagement, execution, and implementation framework will require fixed advisory fees, engagement fees, retainers, and success fees. In certain cases, also equity. 

Please never, pay any fees in advance, or submit any documentation to any member of the IMCI+ Alliance referring to IMCI+, unless you have signed an NCNDA and have had a video call with one of our officers. In certain cases, you will be asked to fill up a form (for instance the Pre-Qualification File). But please proceed, only after having signed the NCNDA with IMCI+ Group International Gmbh.

Scam – Fraud

Like many firms in our industry, we are regularly experiencing fraud/scammer attempts/defamation/extorsions and the misuse of our name, brand, and harmful intentions of third parties. IMCI+ is also facing unpleasant situations of companies wishing to misuse our engagement agreements and LOI-Terms Sheets. And probably like you, we are also receiving weekly proposals from fake lawyers, providers, consultants, and clients. Be aware, that IMCI+ will never ask for funds or payments, which are not agreed with the client in advance and signed by a legally authorized director and officer. No IMCI+ official is sending out mass emails to unknown companies or business parties. Our security and the legal officer will prosecute any attempt and make necessary information to the police authorities and Interpol. 

No IMCI+ business associate or affiliate member associated with MCI+ is allowed to represent legally the IMCI+ Organization or any of our divisions, or IMCI Group International GmbH. Only the Sr Management. In case of doubt and suspiciousness, please forward any correspondence exchanged with the subject, to our legal department at In case of any unlawful activity, we will immediately communicate with Interpol and deposit a claim.