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Ferhat BİTİŞ
Merger & Acquisitions, Project Finance, Consulting Services, Investment Services
PROFESSION: Business Advisor
Business Owner II Biologist II Healthcare Project Consultant & EPC II Project Finance II Investor II Entrepreneur, II Business Development & Strategist II Renewable Energy II Impact Investment & Circular Economy II Green Hydrogen II Carbon Emission II Sustainability Bonds II ESG’s II He is dedicated and has over 25 years of experience as a professional with a strong track record in the Healthcare Industry. With a Bachelor's degree in Medical Biology along with extensive experience in medical trade and consultancy including design, construction, procurement management, operating and project financing in Turkey and the Middle East, Western Africa, Russian Federation, etc. While continuing its current activities in the Health Sector for the last ten years, it has been working on renewable energy, waste disposal, infrastructure projects, industrial projects, etc. In different sectors such as; real, sustainable, creating added value and employment; he continues his own result-oriented, principled, and disciplined project financing business development activities through the existing respected and decision-making authorities and the relevant business network to implement private and state projects and structure financial resources. And, globally, within the scope of combating the Climate Crisis, it continues to work on innovative and sustainable energy, economy, agriculture, health issues circular economy and impact finance with relevant institutions and organizations in Turkey and through its international strategic connections.

Sector of Activity:
    Construction, EPC, Government, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Pharma, Renewal Energy, Agriculture
Business Advisory Consulting Experience:
    Banking-Finance - High Experience (6 years)
    Construction - High Experience (12 years)
    Government - High Experience (hidden years)
    Healthcare - Very High Experience (25 years)
    Industrial - Some Experience (hidden years)
    Infrastructure - Some Experience (hidden years)
    Life sciences - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Medical Devices - Very High Experience (25 years)
    Pharma - High Experience (15 years)
    Renewal Energy - High Experience (5 years)
    Technology - High Experience (hidden years)
Project Director:
    Banking-Finance, Education, Energy Oil/Gas, Fashion, Infrastructure, Logistics, Luxury Goods, Pharma, Public Private Partnerships
    High Expertise (12 years)
    You can find details in my CV
Industrial Experience:
    Banking-Finance - High Experience (6 years)
    Project financing and Banking Instrument providing Terms and Conditions
    Healthcare - High Experience (25 years)
    Design, Construction, Procurement, Management
    Life sciences - High Experience (15 years)
    Design, Construction, Procurement, Management
    Medical Devices - High Experience (25 years)
    Pharma - High Experience (15 years)
    Certification, Procurement
    Renewal Energy - High Experience (4 years)
    Design, Construction, Procurement, Management


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