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Bak Chuan Desmond Lim
Project Finance, Consulting Services, Investment Services
CITY // Singapur Coticen | COUNTRY // Singapore

Sector of Activity:
    Government, Telecom, Agriculture, Mining
Business Advisory Consulting Experience:
    Government - Very High Experience (30 years)
    Luxury goods - High Experience (3 years)
    Telecom - Very High Experience (25 years)
    Others - Very High Experience (3 years)
Project Director:
    FMCG & Retail, Life Sciences, Renewal Energy, Telecom
    High Expertise (30 years)
    Before engaging with your office, I have introduced a few large quantities to the Global Recovery Agency to the above-mentioned sellers, and Mr. Teddy Russell was the intermediary for the buyer. He then facilitated submission and commitment to the final exit buyer. There are 172 security bunkers in the Philippines that have been discovered as full of assets and commodities. As for some bunkers, my sellers have discovered Gold bars, Nickels, blocks of Platinum etc. Just the gold bar estimated approximately 600-1000 Metric tons of Gold bars in each bunkers.; the weight of the gold bar, the smallest piece, were 6.2 kg the; the most significant piece was 103 kilos.
Industrial Experience:
    Automotive - Mid Experience (0 years)
    Government - High Experience (30 years)
    Participate in government projects
    Luxury goods - High Experience (3 years)
    In Gold and historical bonds transactions


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