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Professor Walter Jones
Investment Services
PROFESSION: Advisor in Merger & Acquisitions
CITY // Johannesburg | COUNTRY // Switzerland
Professor Walter Jones is permanent member of UNCDF - United Nations Capital Development Fund as Development Facilitator (DF) since 2011. After his Extracurricular Studies with (Cum laude) from University of Johannesburg. Currently currently on sabbatical with World Health Organisation as Medical Researcher. Upon joining the ranks of IMCI+ as Associate Partner and Member of APCP in Zurich Switzerland 🇨🇭 in Capital division. He is Medical Nuclear Physicist with strong knowledge on energy engineering. His professional commitment after long experience of lecturing, coaching and treaching has significant contribution across the globe 🙌🏼 He acquired knowledge from best universities in the World on four (4) areas such as Medicine, Engineering, IT and Finance from these reputable Universities - Cambridge University, Harvard University, University of the Witwatersrand and University of Johannesburg respectively and others not mentioned. He also continued to be a very active in public education, Projects Finance Funding particularly entrepreneurs from previously disadvantage people and their Continents - willing to fulfill what he named serving the humanity and making a difference in African Continent and within Global Village. His experience in the medical practice and research has earned him acculates within World Health Organisation.

Sector of Activity:
    Airlines, Automotive, Banking-Finance, Construction, Education, Energy Oil/Gas, EPC, Government, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Logistics, Medical Devices, Pharma, Public Private Partnerships, Renewal Energy, Technology, NGO, Mining, Media, Transport
Business Advisory Consulting Experience:
    Airlines - Some Experience (29 years)
    Automotive - Very High Experience (30 years)
    Banking-Finance - Very High Experience (32 years)
    Biotech - Very High Experience (28 years)
    Construction - High Experience (29 years)
    Energy - Very High Experience (25 years)
    FMCG & Retail - Some Experience (22 years)
    Government - Very High Experience (30 years)
    Healthcare - Very High Experience (29 years)
    Hospitality - Some Experience (34 years)
    Industrial - Very High Experience (32 years)
    Infrastructure - Very High Experience (33 years)
    Life sciences - Very High Experience (30 years)
    Logistics - Very High Experience (26 years)
    Luxury goods - High Experience (34 years)
    Medical Devices - Very High Experience (36 years)
    Pharma - Very High Experience (35 years)
    Real Estate - Some Experience (29 years)
    Renewal Energy - Very High Experience (25 years)
    Technology - Very High Experience (36 years)
    Telecom - High Experience (31 years)
    Tourism - Some Experience (18 years)
    Others - Very High Experience (35 years)
Project Director:
    High Expertise (30 years)
    I was Acting Chairman of Aviation and Airlines flight for 25
Industrial Experience:


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