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Blanca Ramona Martinez Molinas
Merger & Acquisitions, Project Finance, Consulting Services, Investment Services, Tax Services
PROFESSION: International Business Advisor
CITY // Ybycui | COUNTRY // Paraguay
Professional with experience in the Commercial Consultant sector, currently in a multinational company both in the commercialization of products and services, commercial negotiations and interface with the marketing sector, generating personalized solutions with the aim of promoting or maximizing results or meeting objectives with a vision or business strategies. Orientation converted into results such as volume, profit margin, renewal of contacts, new agreements and product maximums. Empower the team by developing distribution channels together with business partners

Sector of Activity:
    Airlines, Banking-Finance, Energy Oil/Gas, Government, Infrastructure, Renewal Energy, Agriculture, NGO, Mining, Transport, Real Estate
Business Advisory Consulting Experience:
    Automotive - Some Experience (2 years)
    Banking-Finance - High Experience (1 years)
    Biotech - Some Experience (1 years)
    Energy - High Experience (8 years)
    FMCG & Retail - High Experience (8 years)
    Government - High Experience (1 years)
    Healthcare - Some Experience (1 years)
    Hospitality - Some Experience (2 years)
    Industrial - Some Experience (3 years)
    Infrastructure - High Experience (1 years)
    Life sciences - Some Experience (1 years)
    Logistics - Some Experience (2 years)
    Luxury goods - High Experience (2 years)
    Medical Devices - Some Experience (3 years)
    Pharma - Some Experience (2 years)
    Real Estate - High Experience (2 years)
    Renewal Energy - High Experience (1 years)
    Technology - Some Experience (1 years)
    Telecom - Some Experience (1 years)
    Tourism - Some Experience (1 years)
Project Director:
    Banking-Finance, Energy Oil/Gas, EPC, FMCG & Retail, Hospitality, Medical Devices, Pharma, Public Private Partnerships
    Good Expertise (2 years)
    Teamwork Problem resolution. Organization. Time management. Leadership skills. Adaptability. I have always worked in the oil and gas and commodity business. Then I started working as a project consultant 2 years ago with Queen Ayla Aldjufrie, and I have a client in almost every country now. In experience for me, the important thing is to be a good adviser, focus on the task and establish a relationship of trust with the client, to extract from him all his ideas and all the information that may be relevant.
Industrial Experience:
    Airlines - Mid Experience (1 years)
    Sale of oil and gas
    Automotive - Mid Experience (1 years)
    We sell cars and Ferrari in ALAHRAM GROUP
    Banking-Finance - High Experience (2 years)
    I am in finance I work as a consultant with several platforms that sell Bank Instruments.
    Biotech - High Experience (0 years)
    I represent a company that sells money from waste to energy
    Construction - Mid Experience (8 years)
    I don't know much about contraction.
    Energy - High Experience (8 years)
    I am a specialist in the sale of petrochemical products. Contract process in oil and gas
    FMCG & Retail - High Experience (5 years)
    I have experience selling wholesale consumer staples.
    Government - High Experience (3 years)
    Sale in drug products
    Healthcare - Mid Experience (1 years)
    I have projects to finance public hospitals and private clinics.
    Hospitality - Mid Experience (1 years)
    I have knowledge in the sale of gloves and medicines for hospitals
    Industrial - Mid Experience (2 years)
    Government infrastructure project loan and financing and guarantee, contract process
    Infrastructure - High Experience (1 years)
    I know scientists who have projects for science and life solutions. Life sciences encompass all fields of science that study living things, such as plants, animals, and humans.
    Life sciences - Mid Experience (2 years)
    logistics chain between customer forecasts and product delivery,
    Logistics - Mid Experience (1 years)
    Sale automobiles, original works of art painting, mansions
    Luxury goods - Mid Experience (1 years)
    Hospital Respirators and Medical Instruments
    Medical Devices - Mid Experience (1 years)
    Sale of drugs, teas for COVID, gloves
    Pharma - Mid Experience (1 years)
    investment in the real estate sector in which the company presents a project to the real estate platform in MET GROUP (buying and selling real estate)
    Real Estate - Mid Experience (2 years)
    Wasto to energy
    Renewal Energy - High Experience (0 years)
    I have no knowledge
    Technology - Mid Experience (0 years)
    I have no knowledge
    Telecom - Mid Experience (1 years)
    I have a client Tourism projects
    Tourism - Mid Experience (1 years)
    chamber of rejuvenation
    Others - Mid Experience (1 years)
    High voltage power


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