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Patrick Ogunnowo
Merger & Acquisitions, Project Finance, Consulting Services, Interim Management, Investment Services
PROFESSION: International Business Advisor Europe
CITY // London | COUNTRY // United Kingdom
Patrick is a strategic consultant with over 20 years experience of work with companies in a wide spectrum of industries including finance, oil and gas, engineering, telecommunications, railway and environment. In 2006, he became a Project director for Community Developers International in the United Kingdom and coordinated economic and social infrastructure projects across the world, raising over £20 billion for infrastructure projects to date. Patrick introduced the Japanese management methods to a broad Western audience, specifically the Toyota practice of Continuous Improvement: Kaizen in a pragmatic way to influence corporate efficiency and mentality. He also outlined framework for development in the following areas: • the long strategic planning horizon of Japanese companies • the short planning horizon based on shareholder value thinking of Western companies Through his book titled The Green Millionaire: Monetising Green Strategies In Emerging Markets, he coined many novel terms to inspire productivity. In the 2000s, he predicted and described emerging markets as strategic locations for infrastructure development as prominent phenomenon in the world economy. He has experience of policymaking, strategic planning and business developments in international markets. He is a dynamic infrastructure development proponent who has worked across continents and his work covered over 152 projects to provide finance advisory for infrastructure projects. He is presently working as an independent technical and management consultant with A UK Trade and Infrastructure Enterprise Limited in the resources management sector in the United Kingdom, promoting trade and investment between countries and the United Kingdom through the implementation of infrastructure projects that are of immense benefits to people in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, America's and innovators in the UK. He always adds value to business processes by exploiting his market knowledge, contact networks and understanding of technology to help stakeholders in the environment to develop realistic and achievable environmental management objectives. Patrick communicates overseas business development opportunities across countries, together with an up-to-date market knowledge of these countries through a series of sector support activities such as conferences, workshops and publications. By leveraging the resources of the central and regional government bodies, Patrick influences the entire sector export strategy and helps individual companies and trade associations to secure the support that they need to realise their export potentials. Patrick is often invited by UK firms to contribute directly to their strategic plans. He has provided hands-on help enabling UK companies to access local advice and contacts to establish the trading and licencing agreements that they need to successfully access new markets. Patrick studied for an MSc Environmental Resources Management in 1999, including integrated environmental management and environmental impact assessment, after a first degree in Chemistry. He is presently working on a PhD research in the application of catalyst in bioreactors in the United Kingdom. Patrick was for 2 years between 2004 - 2006 on the Management Board of the Marks Gate Agenda 21 Neighbourhood Partnership; part of a United Kingdom initiative towards sustainable environment and carbon emission cut targets as a result of the Kyoto accord deliberations. Patrick is a member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, UK. He is an author, coach, inventor, speaker, seminar leader and online internet marketer.

Sector of Activity:
    Airlines, Automotive, Banking-Finance, Construction, Education, Energy Oil/Gas, Government, Logistics, Public Private Partnerships, Renewal Energy, Agriculture, Transport, Real Estate
Business Advisory Consulting Experience:
    Airlines - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Automotive - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Banking-Finance - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Biotech - High Experience (hidden years)
    Construction - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Energy - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    FMCG & Retail - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Government - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Healthcare - High Experience (hidden years)
    Hospitality - High Experience (hidden years)
    Industrial - High Experience (hidden years)
    Infrastructure - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Life sciences - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Logistics - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Luxury goods - High Experience (hidden years)
    Medical Devices - High Experience (hidden years)
    Pharma - High Experience (hidden years)
    Real Estate - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Renewal Energy - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Technology - Very High Experience (hidden years)
    Telecom - High Experience (hidden years)
    Tourism - High Experience (hidden years)
Project Director:
    Airlines, Automotive, Banking-Finance, Education, Energy Oil/Gas, FMCG & Retail, Government, Hospitality
    High Expertise (12 years)
    I have directed several projects over the course of 20 years. I directed a United Nations supported programme in the United Kingdom in 2004/2005 to train Project Managers, develop and support the management capacity of Kenyan participants over 3 years. This was delivered in conjunction with Widows and Orphans - a development charity. I directed the project and provided key performance indicators for future benchmarking.
Industrial Experience:
    Airlines - High Experience (10 years)
    Automotive - High Experience (10 years)
    Banking-Finance - High Experience (10 years)
    Biotech - Mid Experience
    Construction - High Experience
    FMCG & Retail - High Experience (10 years)
    Government - High Experience (5 years)
    Healthcare - Mid Experience (10 years)
    Hospitality - High Experience (10 years)
    Industrial - High Experience (10 years)
    Infrastructure - High Experience (10 years)
    Life sciences - High Experience (10 years)
    Logistics - High Experience (5 years)
    Luxury goods - Mid Experience (5 years)
    Medical Devices - Mid Experience (5 years)
    Pharma - Mid Experience (10 years)
    Real Estate - High Experience (10 years)
    Renewal Energy - High Experience (5 years)
    Technology - Mid Experience (5 years)
    Telecom - Mid Experience (5 years)
    Tourism - Mid Experience


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