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Ferhat Bitis

I am a motivated and entrepreneurial management professional with over 25 years of experience especially in Healthcare Business, Renewable Energy and Industrial Sector with the ability to provide design, construction, procurement, management and consulting services. 

As it is known, one of the most important components in the fulfillment of private and state projects is the source of financing. In my studies, I have been in close contact with many financial institutions.

Understanding the complexity of delivering, managing and finishing the project financing requires specialized skills, knowledge, experience and proven methods.

A few years ago, I met IMCI+ and the valuable founder of this organization, Mr. Modesto N Pena Y Gorin, which stands out with its mission of excellent business discipline, trust, loyalty and proven experience values, as well as its wide financing model services. As a result of my experiences, I joined the IMCI+ family last year.

I believe that IMCI+ will be a much more preferred solution partner in the sector with its professional management and organizational structure, result-oriented and customer-benefit-oriented approach and service diversity.

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