Our Experience


Anne Lise Padilha

In 2014 I created a company called Pangeia National and International trade and services with the aim of developing Projects that came to my hands in a disorganized way and with good ideas in search of financing. 

I went through several paths at national and international level to be able to finance them, and usually I ran into a tremendous bureaucracy or they were just brokers without decision-making power, until in 2020 I met IMCI and was surprised with an extremely organized, agile, objective company with which I already obtained two financing pre-approvals in a very quick time with excellent support from Mr. Nelson Peña, Pedro Brito and Pablo Jarabo, these financings did not go through because the clients were not financially prepared for the necessary payments although aware of the responsibility related to that. 

I am very proud to be part of this Platform, and I am sure that with the potential presented and the needs that I encounter on my way, we will be able to be very successful in the coming months.

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